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Maddy Osman
Dec 17
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TikTok Trends for 2024: These top trends will impact your TikTok strategy.

TikTok's trends change constantly. It's hard to stay updated. Many brands still ask, "What content should we make for TikTok?" When developing your TikTok Marketing Strategy, combine trending TikTok content with timeless staples. It's a great idea. This will keep your channel current and relevant. You need to be aware of the latest trends to stay on top. We've compiled a list of the eight top TikTok Trends we expect to see this year and beyond.  We analyze each example. We prove how to use these trends in your TikTok marketing strategy. This will boost views and increase engagement.
TikTok Trends for 2024: These top trends will impact your TikTok strategy.

TikTok Trends for 2024

1. Dance challenges

The dance challenge is still a trending topic on TikTok. All that has changed are the songs and dances. TikTok still holds on to its roots. It evolved from, a lip-sync app. Some TikTokers gained popularity by performing and creating dance challenges. They are among the most popular on the platform.

Mascots give brands an edge in this regard. Organizations can invite employees to join a dancing challenge. The company mascot's dancing is especially remarkable.

Mascots may choose to join an existing dance challenge or create their own. Charmin has created a new remix of the "Charmin slide," for example.

The brand used famous TikTokers to promote "Charmin's Slide" on TikTok.

Consider how your brand could also join in on the various dance challenges. Each week, browse TikTok videos to compile a list of dances. Your brand mascot will be able to do these dances.

2. Pack an order with me

Packaging orders live is one of the best ways to create a community on TikTok. Certain businesses now receive customer requests to package orders on camera.

They are also a great way to promote ASMR (more about that in the following trend). You can create a video demonstrating your order packaging process. This will help build trust by showing customers the safety of their products.

This is an example of a video that a small jeweler could produce.


It's her seventh order! Thank you so much for your support, Holly #luvloopsjewellery #asmrpackaging #packanorderwithme#packanorderwithmetiktok #asmrpacking

Original Sound - LuvLoops Jewelry

You'll need to focus first on the packaging of your order if you plan to create your own "Pack an Order with Me" videos. Create a storage location for your products, making it easy to retrieve items for orders. Combine the products with shipping supplies.

3. ASMR/Satisfying videos

I mentioned ASMR videos in the previous point. We'll now go into more detail. ASMR is an acronym for autonomous sensory meridians response. Certain sounds can cause tingling feelings down the back.

Sound alone serves as the basis for these ASMR videos. They may show you grabbing products and adding them to an order. Another popular TikTok video type is restocking. Like this DTE Beauty example, you can see videos of filling jars with your product.


Replying to @georgiepig920 one of our best sellers #fyp #foryou#asmr #asmrvideo #asmrsounds #satisfying #smallbusinesscheck#bodyscrub

original Sound -

ASMR is a satisfying video type. There are other "oddly pleasing" videos too. They relate more to visual satisfaction—for example, this professional cookie decorator.

How can you make your product or services more visually or audibly appealing? Brainstorm ideas and then begin filming.

4. Green screen

It's a standard tool in film and TV to add seamless digital effects. The background is green. Editors can easily add images behind actors. Meteorologists also use it to share maps of weather.

TikTok has a green screen, which creators can use in their videos. You can choose various options to overlay your video on the green screen. Each option is available in the "Effects tab" when you record your video.

Chipotle used a standard "green screen" to record someone speaking. They spoke over an image from their menu. The goal was to share information about new offerings.


Add these to your "in list" #chipotle#lifestylebowls#whatieatinaday#food#chipotlehacks

Original Sound - Chipotle

Start recording and brainstorming your videos to see how to use the green screen.

5. Skits

Skits are brief videos. They entertain and educate your audience. They use a play or performance. They are trendy on TikTok, especially in the "Karen's" skits and stories about customer services. Different types of businesses can use these.

The Washington Post presents complex news topics in an entertaining skit. It's an excellent example of their approach.


Earth's inner core appears to be slowing down its spin

Original Sound - We Are a Newspaper.

Consider writing a skit to convey information on a complicated topic. Talking about customer experiences, new products, and services can be significant. You can also share some fun stories.

6. Day in the life

The "Day in the Life" video is another TikTok trend. They follow someone, either a member of your team or a business owner who owns a small company.

Here is an example of how a bakery owner shares a typical day. She creates videos many times each week. Her fans love watching her business grow.

You can emulate this trend in many different ways. Consider having a team member manage your TikTok every week. They can show followers what they do daily. You consider sharing your daily activities if you own a small company. This transparency is attractive to your audience. It can inspire others to follow you.

7. Creators take the wheel

TikTok creators who are on trend are driving the creator economics. TikTok has become a creator and culture incubator. It allows TikTokers, who are famous, to engage and reach millions of users within minutes. They do it with limited studio equipment or even produced content. Users prefer content that is authentic rather than flawless. Anyone can become a TikTok creator.

Creators are key in connecting consumers to products and brands. The popularity of entertaining videos that feature genuine product reviews continues to increase. The hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt caused a surge in product sales. These sales reached record levels in 2021. People trust TikTok's creators and their honest reviews of products.

Keith Lee is a food critic based in Las Vegas. He has been reviewing small businesses in the area and causing them to boom with new business. Last Crumb, a luxury cookie company, sent him a box to review.


@Keith Lee is back, and this time, he went Platinum. #LastCrumb#LastCrumbTikTok #LastCrumbCookies #cookietok #cookie #foodie#lastcrumbtastetest #lastcrumbunboxing

♬ Original sound – Last Crumb

TikTok allows you to co-create the identity of your brand with creators. People will trust you more if you create content naturally. This includes the creators with whom you work and even your products.

8. [Insert subculture here] Tok

TikTok has something to offer everyone. People are creating subcultures and bonding around niche interests. TikTok makes subcultures more accessible. Subcultures have been around since the dawn of the internet.

Finding people who share your interests is easy on #BookTok #FoodTok #CleanTok #MoneyTok. Subcultures provide a space to create fun and artistic videos. They also offer a platform for self-expression.

Create content that is authentic and trustworthy to connect with subculture communities. Immerse yourself in the subculture. Keep up with current music, jokes, edits, and memes.

It's simple for a Barnes and Noble to adopt #BookTok. B&N stores have a TikTok account. They create content based on favorite books, store layouts, or filters.


#booktok #bnboardmanoh #barnesandnoble #bnboardman #booktropes#booktrope #booktiktok #bookseller #booksellersofbooktok#booksellersoftiktok #booksellers

♬ Original sound – B&N Boardman