Bailey Turner
Bailey Turner
May 21
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Should You Buy Instagram Followers? The Pros and Cons

Wondering whether you should buy Instagram followers and whether it will help your business? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons.
Should You Buy Instagram Followers? The Pros and Cons

Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Instagram is a popular and profitable way to market your business. If you didn't know about Instagram's power before, this is the push your business needs!

The constantly changing algorithm can make it challenging to find success on Instagram. Building a genuine following and growing your network takes time and dedication. Some businesses may not have enough time for this task.

One way to overcome this hurdle is to buy Instagram followers, but you need to weigh the pros and cons first. This microblogging outlines what you need to consider.  

Why Buy Instagram Followers? Here are the Pros 

This is a quick way to grow your Instagram network. It also increases the visibility of your brand and business. However, buying the correct type of followers from high-quality websites is essential. Use my services at Stormlikes. We offer you a fail-proof way to boost your Instagram visibility. Now let's get into the positives of buying followers: 

1. It's a Good Jump Start for Your Business

Starting from zero could take weeks, if not months, to build a solid following. Beginning with a few thousand makes it easier to grow your following faster.

2. It Creates Credibility

A more enormous following creates a sense of authority and credibility in your industry. This helps bolster your popularity. Followers are more likely to follow a trending account. 

3. It's Cost-Effective

On average, it costs approximately $7 to buy 500 followers. This is only a blip in your marketing budget and can help you find success without spending a fortune.

4. You Can Create a Targeted Audience

Buying followers allows you to target specific age groups, demographics, and genders. This hones in on who will most likely purchase your goods and services. 

5. Create a Chain of Followers

An account with many followers is more likely to attract others because they see it as popular. This helps to spur organic traffic without having to buy more followers. Ultimately, this should be your end goal. 

Buying Instagram followers has another benefit. It lets you focus on other essential tasks. This helps you grow your business. It saves you time and energy. You can then spend time managing your marketing, administration, sales, R&D, and more. 

The Cons of Buying Instagram Followers 

Keep in mind that many people oppose buying Instagram followers. Some of the negatives they tend to highlight include: 

  • Buying followers is a number-driven strategy. A large following does not drive real engagement or make for a good profile.

  • When you buy subscribers, they may not be dedicated to your content. Buying subscribers doesn't guarantee engagement. They may subscribe but not like or comment on your posts. Liking and commenting on posts increases your engagement and visibility.

  • When you buy Instagram followers, it doesn't mean you will keep them. Many people will stop following or unfollow your profile. This happens if they are not interested in your content.

  • Tracking real metrics is problematic. It's hard to understand and track user engagement when you have paid followers. This is because it's hard to tell which accounts are bought and which are organic.


To succeed on Instagram, it's crucial to engage with your followers. This applies to both paid and organic followers.

Create a great business profile.

If your business is new to Instagram and needs a boost, the best place to get Instagram followers is Stormlikes.