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Butler Matthews
Jun 27
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How long does Instagram restrict you?

There are ways around the 24 hour ban. In this article we will explain you how to avoid the ban and why you must use this feature to gain more followers.
How long does Instagram restrict you?

How long does Instagram restrict you?

More than 300 million users use Instagram's services daily. They surpass Snapchat in the transient content business. Instagram’s features are easy to use. This is why more and more people are joining Instagram.

This app allows users to share images and videos on their profiles or feeds. Posted pictures and videos will only be available for the audience for 24 hours. This short-lived content encourages the audience to act quickly on the content.

The users must work within 24 hours, or their posts will be removed from their timeline.

Since the 24-hour time limitation encourages fast action, it has a downside. Many users don’t log into their Instagram accounts daily, maybe because of their busy schedules. That is why many users may miss your next. What will you do then? You can extend the lifespan of your content on Instagram to attract more followers. You can use several techniques. Through this article, you will get to know how to extend your Instagram Post’s lifespan.

Use the Instagram Highlight Option

Using Instagram’s Highlight is the most popular way to extend the lifetime of a post. Instagram recently added a feature. It allows users to compile all posted content for later reposting.

All your published stories will be displayed on the profile page. They will remain there until you delete them. Using Instagram’s highlight option is very easy to follow:

•Go to your Instagram Profile page, look around your highlight section, find out the “+” button, and tap on it.

•Choose stories you want to save or repost in your profile.

• Give a name and then add a cover image to it.

•Finally, tap the “Done” button to confirm the highlight feature.

Thus, your important stories will be saved in your highlight option. To see those highlighted stories, go to your profile and tap your cover image.

How to use Instagram’s Highlight option in different ways

You may want to arrange all your highlighted stories if you are organized. This makes them easy to access later. Instead of adding stories randomly, you can follow different ways, including:

•Reposting your latest post

•Following step-by-step tutorials

•Creating a specific stream for specific content

•Doing contests

•Gathering useful tips

Using these options will encourage your audience to engage more with your post. For instance, Red Bull uses different themes for their varied audiences.

Consider the time when to repost your highlighted stories. Selecting a day or two after posting your content to view and act on your posts will be useful.

Tweak your post content to report

You can keep your Instagram Stories alive after 24 hours. Do this by tweaking the metadata of your uploaded video and image. It's another surprising way. This trick will make Instagram think you are uploading new stories to your profile. You can tweak these metadata:

•Time and date of the Photo/Video

•Shutter Speed of the Camera

•Lens aperture

•ISO sensitivity

Choose the one that you want to change. Don’t choose anything that might create discrepancies in your content’s data. The easiest way to alter the metadata is by changing the date and time of the posted photo/video.

You can use the” PixelGrade” app to change the metadata of your Instagram content. This tool will allow you to change all the content metadata quickly and easily. This tool only modifies your metadata. You can keep the original version of your content.

Re-upload your Instagram posts.

Re-uploading also can extend the lifetime of your posted stories. If you re-upload the same content, Instagram will flag it as spam. Changing how you repost might prevent your post from being seen as spam.

You can upload a screenshot of your previous content. Since it is a separate image, Instagram will not see this as spamming. To give your screenshot a better look, crop it to the same size as the original story.

Another useful but secret trick is using “Airplane Mode” on your device at the time of re-uploading. Since you are in “Airplane Mode,” Instagram will ask you to save the content to your device’s camera folder. Then turn off the “Airplane Mode” and upload the image to “Instagram” as new content.

Another thing you should care about is making your content distinct in the eyes of the audience. Since you are doing it to get more engagement, you should make each post  (even older posts) particular. For example, change the caption of the post. You may also do this by slightly altering the previous image. It may look attractive to your followers, which can increase your post's engagement.

Be careful about timing your post.

To get more followers' engagement, select your post's time carefully. Reposting immediately after the latest post expires is a good technique. It will keep the interest of your audience going. Instagram only allows your post to display for 24 hours. Reposting it will increase its lifespan.

Use your Instagram like a pro

  1. Extending your Instagram posts' lifespan will help you reach more people.

  2. Use the Highlight feature carefully. As mentioned above, Instagram’s highlight features let you display your previous stories on your profile.

  3. Edit your content’s metadata: It is a simple technique. Change the metadata of your image or video, and repost them on your profile again to get more audiences.

  4. Repost your previous content. Take a screenshot of your already posted content. While uploading the screenshot, go to the “Airplane Mode” on your device. Storing your content in the camera roll will make Instagram consider it a new post, not spam.

  5. Use these techniques to keep your Instagram post alive longer than the 24-hour time limit. You will attract a larger audience with longer posts. This will help your business gain more followers.