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Bailey Turner
Apr 09
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How to Get More Likes on Instagram ?

If you’re looking to build a social following and turn your posts into an empire, you have to know how to make an impact. Read this to get more likes.
How to Get More Likes on Instagram ?

How to Get More Likes on Instagram ?

Social media success is a numbers game! If you’re looking to build a social following and turn your posts into an empire, you have to know how to make an impact. Put your talent and strategy into action on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. The site’s massive user base stretches worldwide, with more than 120 million daily users in the United States alone. Site statistics estimate that the average user will spend 28 minutes using the app daily in 2020, which translates to huge growth potential for influencers and businesses. So, how do you stand out? Instagram’s algorithm is continuously evolving and changing to help users find the content that they’re most interested in.

As you build your Instagram account and publish content, you need to keep an eye on these primary Instagram metrics:

  • Follower count and growth

  • Genuine follower engagement

  • Likes

Out of all of those metrics, nothing holds quite the same weight as the iconic heart button. The symbol is listed first under the image, and all it takes is a quick double-tap to help a post go viral.

When you get more likes, your content is boosted in the news feed and promoted with better exposure. Plus, Instagram likes don’t only impact each post. Give your entire profile a boost with more likes. Social media strategists have seen that profiles with many likes on old posts gain a unique algorithm advantage for posting content in the future.

Likes were one of the first tools to track engagement in social media, and this time-proven engagement metric is here to stay! If you can accumulate more likes on your account, you’re poised to stand out on the explore page and create an impressive brand presence.

How do you get more likes on Instagram? There are several strategies to consider! Some require a lot of time, talent, and planning. Or, you can skip the hard work and gain faster results with a simple investment in your social media presence:

  • Create the Best Content. Relatable, high-quality images always perform best. Take your stunning visuals to the next level with a thoughtful collection of trending content, likable quotes, stylized filters, and carousel stories. Also, invest the time to write meaningful captions that fit your brand voice. Don’t be afraid to make your captions longwinded! Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on a single post, and strategists recommend that longer caption text could play a role in getting more algorithm exposure, even for untagged keywords.

  • Utilize Videos. Instagram is heavily promoting video content, both inside and out of Instagram TV channels. Plus, when the viewer is actively engaged to click play and start the video, they’re more likely to keep the engagement train rolling with a double click to like your post! The good news is, there are a lot of free tools to help you easily create GIFs, film a Boomerang, or add animated filters without much effort.

  • Post at the Right Time. Post consistently with frequent updates during peak use hours and fill your feed with lots of engaging content. For the best results, make sure to plan out your posts ahead of time and schedule them with a publishing tool. Push out new, like-worthy content when your followers are online and ready to double tap! Instagram’s feed is no longer chronological, which means that you need to get the maximum number of likes in the shortest period to stay at the top of feeds in the future. 

  • Buy Instagram Likes. What if you’re doing all the right things, but you’re not getting enough likes? It’s time to supplement! Buy Instagram likes from a reputable site that can deliver the volume that you’re looking for without tipping off the platform’s watch-bots. Genuine Instagram likes can help your content rank higher in the news feeds, be exposed to the explore page and stay relevant for even longer. Invest in your content for an exponential increase in visibility and engagement from real followers down the road. Buying Instagram likes is a common strategy, both for brands that are just starting and established influencers that want to bolster their position.

Where can you purchase likes?  

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