Oct 28
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What Are the Best Ways To Buy SoundCloud Followers?

More artists are wondering how to get followers on SoundCloud. Whether you buy them or attract them organically, we look at the options in this guide.
What Are the Best Ways To Buy SoundCloud Followers?

What Are the Best Ways To Buy SoundCloud Followers?

As an independent artist, you’ve likely researched how to get followers on SoundCloud. With its booming popularity over the years, reaching new listeners can be challenging. So, how can you attract SoundCloud’s 175 million monthly users to your art?

There’s no doubt that SoundCloud is one of the best platforms for musicians. The site will grow up to $46.9 billion by 2027, making it a valuable resource. Getting a share of this market could catapult your music career from a dream into a reality.

Here we listed ways you can earn via the Soundcloud music platform. 

Also, TikTok is a powerful social media platform, but in order to be relevant there you need to buy TikTok views.

To help you out, let’s dive into all of the top recommended ways to boost your followers. Not only will this help your SoundCloud, but the visibility of your other platforms as well.

How To Buy Followers on SoundCloud?

By far, the fastest and easiest way to get more followers on SoundCloud is to buy them, like buy Soundcloud plays and followers

The central premise of buying listens and followers are to make it look as legitimate as possible. Without legitimate listens, other people who visit your page will be able to tell your popularity is purchased. Not only will this turn them off of your music, but it can also damage your reputation.

Our recommendation is to find high-quality companies that provide actual results, like those that allow you to buy Soundcloud plays. Ideally, start with purchasing a small number of followers, paying close attention to how it helps your viewability stats.

You’ll want a good balance between listens, followers, comments, and shares. By maintaining this balance, the listens will look more legitimate, which is bound to help.

How To Get Followers on SoundCloud: Organic Options

Getting more followers on any platform is simple enough if you know what to do. With SoundCloud, there are multiple paid-for and organic steps that you can take to improve your visibility.

Follow-to-Download Gateways

As an artist who makes fantastic music, your listeners will likely do anything to have a downloaded copy of your tracks. This point is when follow-to-download gateways become helpful, as they give users a download in exchange for sharing. As users share or repost your songs, they will be given a link to download the track.

You can also set up an account that offers a download for something as simple as a like or follow. This process is straightforward for listeners to go through, and it’s something every artist should consider. Not to mention, it takes less than two minutes to register your gateways for use.

Network With Bloggers

Bloggers are the voices of the internet, and putting them to good use is imperative for all artists. If you can find a high-quality music blog and get a featured post, it can boost your visibility tenfold.

Alternatively, you could consider creating your own blog and embedding your SoundCloud links to attract more followers. Blogs are a phenomenal resource because they have an already established loyal audience. The writers often provide high-quality tracks for their followers, creating an opinion they trust.

If you can get your tracks listed, there’s a high likelihood you can get more traffic to your page. Depending on the blog’s popularity you’re reaching out to, there are a couple of things to consider. You will want to stand out from other artists and submit tracks, but your music has to be well above average.

A few other things to note include:

  • Professionalism

When submitting your track to be featured on a blog, always show your professionalism. An adequately worded submission is bound to impress bloggers more than a basic one-line request to have your work featured.

  • Song Quality

Undoubtedly, bloggers will need to maintain their reputation by posting music that they would recommend daily. Your tracks should be in the best quality that’s comfortable to listen to, which is where good sound engineering comes into play.

  • Blog Niche

Another essential thing to remember is the niche of the blog you’re contacting. If it’s a country music blog, a punk track isn’t likely to be featured. It’s best to get publications that focus on your specific genre or niche for the highest chance of success.

Network on SoundCloud

Another great way to learn how to get followers on SoundCloud is to work alongside other artists. You would be surprised at how easy it is to extend a helping hand to receive one in return. On the platform, artists can share other artists’ work on their profiles to boost visibility.

If you find someone with music that you want your existing followers to appreciate, reach out to them. A simple message explaining how you love their content and want to add it to your account could suffice. Consider asking for a repost if you post their work so that you can both reap the benefits of each other’s audiences.

With that said, you must have a meaningful exchange rather than a “repost for repost” mentality. People will be far more likely to repost your tracks if you’re genuine in your message.

Host Giveaways

There’s nothing that attracts an audience more effectively than hosting a giveaway or competition. In fact, many large and small artists give their fans and followers a chance to win something in exchange for reposts. You can offer various things, from merch to downloads of your entire EP or specific tracks.

Another great idea is to offer an exclusive download (not found on SoundCloud) in exchange for reposts. As long as you can spread the word about your music, you’re bound to see more followers. With this method, you can guarantee your listens are organic compared to buying followers.

Getting SoundCloud Followers

If you’re stuck trying to figure out how to get followers on SoundCloud, many options are available. From buying listeners to attracting followers organically, it’s time to boost your profile’s visibility. Before you know it, your SoundCloud impressions will begin booming, growing your popularity.