Yulia Potapova
Yulia Potapova
Jan 26
5 min read

How to Delete All Instagram Posts

Ever feel like your Instagram feed is stuck in a time warp filled with outdated memes and regrettable dance challenges? Don't worry, you're not alone! Hitting the "delete all" button might seem drastic, but sometimes a fresh start is just what the doctor ordered.
How to Delete All Instagram Posts

Feeling Insta-regret? Here's how to hit refresh!

Ever feel like your Instagram needs a major makeover? You're not alone! Maybe you're reviving an old account, taking over someone else's, or just tired of your past online self (like some celebs!). ‍♀️ Whatever the reason, wiping the slate clean is easier than you think. No more endless tapping "delete" – here's how to ditch those old posts in 5 quick steps:

  1. Head to your profile. See that hamburger menu in the top right corner? Tap that bad boy.

  2. Dive into "Your Activity". It's like a time capsule of all your Instagram adventures.

  3. Under "Content You Shared", choose "Posts". Boom! All your memories (good and bad) in one place.

  4. Tap "Select" and choose the posts you want to say goodbye to. It's like picking photos for a new album...except the ones you don't want.

  5. Ready to hit reset? Tap "Delete". Don't worry, it tells you how many you're saying adios to.

But wait! What if you have FOMO? Use the "Archive" feature instead. It hides your posts without deleting them, so you can bring them back if you miss the old you.

There you have it! Now your Instagram can be the awesome reflection of the amazing you that it truly is. ✨